Warren Drake
Selected unanimously by the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board to be the next Superintendent, Warren Drake hit the ground running with his 100-day plan.

In 2012 John White, State Superintendent of Education, selected Drake to be one of five Network Leaders in the state. Drake worked with 20 school districts in South Louisiana to help implement the new Common Core Curriculum and the Compass Teacher Evaluation system.  The chief focus of Drake’s work in addition to the above was helping districts build human capacity to implement systems that ensured sustainability beyond leadership alone.

In 2002 Drake became the first paid Superintendent of the Zachary Community School System, one of the first independent school districts in the state of Louisiana in over 80 years, He oversaw a period of tremendous growth and success in one of the fastest growing communities in the state. In the years he served Zachary the student population burgeoned from 2500 to more than 5300 students. The district has also been recognized by the Louisiana Department of Education as the top performing school district in the state’s rigorous accountability program for eight consecutive years. In addition, the district is widely regarded as a model of excellence in areas of technology, arts education and athletics. Drake attributes the district’s success to strong planning including a comprehensive district strategic plan encompassing areas such as school climate, academics, personnel and technology and the development of leadership skills in employees. He also credits the resolute support of the Zachary community.

Understanding the need for good planning, Drake worked to implement a 5 year Facility Master Plan which called for the upgrade of the district’s facilities by a $129 million bond program. The funds have been used for projects including the construction of 4 new schools and renovation and expansions of existing facilities to support the district’s population increases.

Drake is a native of Homer, LA. Prior to working for the Louisiana Department of Education and the Zachary Community School System, Drake served as Adjunct Professor at Louisiana State University, Principal of Tara High School and Assistant Principal of Broadmoor and Zachary High Schools as well as a teacher of History. He earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and completed his Plus 30 in Educational Administration at Louisiana State University.

Drake is married to Catherine M. Drake, a retired dietician. They have three children, Lauren, Claire and Adam and a granddaughter Madeline Claire.

100 Day Plan

The Superintendent provided the board with an ambitions 100-day plan during his interview. Read the plan and updates.