Support Programs processes Praxis reimbursements for Teachers and paraprofessionals taking a Praxis to reach Highly qualified status. Praxis Reimbursement


Praxis Reimbursement To get reimbursed for Praxis fees, turn in (1) the ORIGINAL score report and (2) documentation that shows payment. This documentation may be a payment inquiry letter from ETS (1-800-772-9476), a cancelled check, a credit card statement, bank statement or money order receipt.


Teachers will be reimbursed up to 3 times for the same Praxis exam.


NOTE: Reimbursement will be made 2 times for a failing score and then for a third time when a passing score is attained.


Fees for Praxis preparation courses will be reimbursed up to 2 times after a failing score is attained on any exam. For reimbursement, turn in documentation of attendance and payment to Support Programs.


Funds for teacher Praxis reimbursement come from No Child Left Behind federal funding and an 8g Local Teacher Quality Block Grant.