East Baton Rouge Parish School System is an equal opportunity employer.
EBRPSS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, or qualified disability.

Employee Pipeline

The Pipeline is a portal to access

1. Employee-related EBRPSS web sections or system logins.
2. Internal forms and documents
System Contacts

Destiny –  Email sgauthier1@ebrschools.org

Email – Call the Help Desk at 922-5524 for assistance.

eRegistration (ERO) –  Email rwax@ebrschools.org

Novell Login – Call the Help Desk at 922-5429 for assistance.

Payroll Login –  Call the Help Desk at 922-5429 for assistance.

Substitute System – Email CCremeens@ebrschools.org

TAC (Teacher Access Center) – Email TYglesias@ebrschools.org

Teacher/School Websites  – Email DBlakes1@ebrschools.org