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Fall 2017 Application will be February 1-28!

Making Important Links to Kindergarten




Required documents must be submitted to the school of preference.  Call our office for more information at (225) 226-7675

Academic Screening will  determine eligibility  

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EBR Public School Required Documents:

  1. Child’s Birth Certificate
  2. Child’s Social Security Card (once accepted)
  3. Guardian’s Picture Identification
  4. Up-to-Date Shot Record
  5. Proof of Residence (2 recent bills)
  6. 2 most current payroll stubs for all with income in the household

All parents  must provide proof of income. 

  • Children in families with incomes at or below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level are eligible for free tuition and considered “at-risk”. 
  • Children in families with incomes above 185% of the Federal Poverty Level may pay tuition not to exceed $475 per month.
  • Foster children and homeless families are automatically eligible for publicly-funded seats.
  • Special needs and ELL children may be eligible to receive services but must still qualify to participate in publicly-funded programs.

Eligibility is based on gross HOUSEHOLD income.  Therefore, if there are 2 or more adults contributing to the financial needs of the family, all must provide proof of income.

 EBR Early Childhood Community Network

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Childcare Centers by Zip Code (Color Coded)

Please call our office at (225) 226-7675 for more information on our childcare centers.

Childcare Assistance    Access here for more information.



Bright Beginnings Baker


Little Land Children’s

Learning Workshop


Baton Rouge Christian Academy

First Baptist Child Development Center

First Step Daycare

Second Baptist Christian Academy

Shiloh Baptist Church Early Learning Center

St. Francis Xavier

Step by Step Infant & Learning Center

University Methodist Preschool

University Presbyterian Church Day School


LSU Childcare


Cindy’s Little Angels Daycare

Courtney’s Christian Childcare

EduCare Academy #1

Jackson’s Preschool

Mason’s Academy

Serenity Childcare

Shining Starz Childcare and Learning Center

Treasure Kiddie World

Watch Us Grow Daycare

Windsor Christian Childcare



ABC Children’s Learning Academy

Alicia’s Kiddie Station

Amani’s World Early Childhood

Greater King David

Kids & Company

Power of Excellence Learning Center

Rising Angels Daycare

True Believers Christian Daycare


Beachum Childcare Center

Brilliant Beginnings

Child Enrichment DBA Kids World

C.N. Burrell Sr. Christian Academy

Kids are Really Exceptional

Little Jewels & Gems Learning Academy

Woman’s Hospital Child Development Center


Kindercare Learning Center

Little Bo Peep Daycare

Southside Child Development Center

St. Aloysius Childcare Center


K&K Christian Academy

Kindercare Learning Center


A Lil One’s Learning Center –Perkins

Westminster Academy #3


EduCare Academy #2

In Loving Arms

Ministry of Love Learning Center

Rhema Christian

Treasures from Heaven

Trinity’s Children Academy


God’s Lil Angels

Little Land Children’s Learning Workshop

TNT Christian Daycare


Alpha and Omega Childcare

Creative Children Learning Center

Richardson Daycare-S. Flannery


Abundant Blessings Childcare

Alpha & Omega @ St. Jean

Fundamentals Early Learning Center

Kids R Worth It


London Bridge #2

Mother’s Choice

Nursery Rhyme

Richardson’s Daycare


Animal Crackers Learning Center

A Total Learning Center


A Lil One’s Learning Center


Non Public School Early Childhood Development

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4 Year Olds Pre-K Programs at NO Cost to Families

Hosanna Christian – 8850 Goodwood Blvd                           Ph 926.4885

Kindercare – 11349 Greenwell Springs Rd                               Ph 273.0932

Redemptorist 3655 St.Gerard Ave.                                        Ph 355.1437

St.Louis King of France – 2311 N. Sherwood Forest Dr.    Ph 273.3932

City of Baker Schools  

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Ph. 225- 774-5795

Baker Heights Elementary –3750 Harding Street

Bakerfield Elementary – 2550 South Street

EBR Public School Important Facts

  • Child must be Age 4 by September 30, 2016
  • Screening will determine Pre-K Eligibility
  • Families not qualifying under federal guidelines for free tuition may pay a maximum of $475 monthly
  • Pre-K is not required therefore there are a limited number of seats available

EBR Public School Application Process

Complete online application

Print confirmation page

Bring confirmation page and Required Documents to 1st school of preference

Schedule screening and complete Early Childhood Eligibility at school of preference

The East Baton Rouge Parish Early Childhood Community Network consists of 44 East Baton Rouge Parish Public Elementary Schools, 2 dedicated PK/K Centers, City of Baker Schools, 4 NSECD/Private schools, EBR Early Head Start, EBR Head Start, YWCA Early Head Start, 90+ Childcare Centers, and 13 Supporting Community Partner organizations. Our network will implement five key strategies to ensure that more at-risk children enter Kindergarten ready to succeed. Those strategies are:

  1. Unifying expectations for high quality teaching and early learning (Birth to Five Standards)
  2. Supporting teachers and providers to reach expectations
  3. Measuring and recognizing progress
  4. Funding providers that serve children well
  5. Providing clear information and high quality choices to families


We look forward to working with you as we strive to Make Important Links to Kindergarten!

Community Resources

Child Care Assistance Program


Birth Certificate

EBRP Health Unit, 353 N. 12th Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802, (225) 242-4860

East Feliciana Clerk of Court, 12305 St. Helena St, Clinton, LA 70722, (225) 683-5145

Social Security Card

Social Security Office, 5455 Bankers Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70808, (225) 389-0694 or (800) 772-1213

Current Shot Record

LINKS Website: https://linksweb.oph.dhh.louisiana.gov/linksweb/main.jsp

logoNetworkEarly Childhood- Online Application

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What information will I need to complete the Pre-K Online application?

  • When you apply, you will need the following information:
  1. Your school of preference
  2. Your second choice of school
  3. Your child’s name, date of birth, and address
  4. Your name, address, phone number, and email address
  5. Name of siblings 4 years and under in the home
  6. Income verification
  7. Gross income amount, frequency, and selected verification proof (if applicable)

Note:  If parent(s) do not submit income verification, they could be charged the maximum amount for tuition.


What is the age my child has to be to enter Pre-K?

  • A child must be 4 years old by September 30, 2016.


Is Pre-K mandatory?

  •  Pre-K is not mandatory.


What are my other options if my child does not get in the Pre-K program and how I do select another program?

  •  Parents will have the option to reapply online and select another program of preference which may include:  EBR Public Elementary Schools, EBR Dedicated PK/K Centers, City of Baker Schools, NSECD Private Schools, EBR Early Head Start Centers, EBR Head Start Centers and Childcare Centers.


What determines if my child is eligible for Pre-K?

  •  Child must be 4 by September 30, 2017.
  • Screening and household income will determine eligibility.


Is transportation provided for EBR Public School Pre-K students?

  •  Transportation is provided if the student is in their attendance zone based on your home address.
  • Parents can find which school is in their attendance zone by doing the following:
  1. Select schools
  2. Select attendance zone
  3. Select School and Bus Route Finder
  • Call the Pre-K office at (225)226-7675
    • Call Child Welfare and Attendance (225)239-7869
    • Transportation is provided to students who attend one of the two Pre-K sites: Southdowns or Delmont Dedicated Pre-K.
    • Parents must provide transportation for their child if the student is not in their attendance zone.


How will I be notified if my child is accepted?

  •  Parents will be notified by email, if one is provided.
  • If an email address is not provided, parents will receive a letter by mail.


 What required documents should I bring to my child’s school once accepted into the program?

  •  Child’s Original Birth Certificate
  • Child’s Social Security Card
  • Guardian’s Picture Identification
  • Up-to-Date Shot Records
  • Proof of Residence (2 recent Bills)
    • Parents who do not have proof of residence may provide a notarized statement verifying that they reside at that address.
  • 2 Most Current Payroll Stubs


Can someone other than the legal guardian turn in a child’s required documents to the school of preference?

  •  Yes, but the legal guardian must sign Notice of Possible Tuition Form.


What would parents enter for gross income and frequency if they select SNAP/Food Stamp Verification, Foster Care Placement Agreement, or Homeless Verification?

  •  Parents are required to enter gross income and frequency.  However, if they select any of the three items above and provide appropriate verification, they are automatically eligible.  They may enter any amount and frequency in these fields because it will not affect the determination.


Is the EBR Public School Pre-K Program free?

  •  Families not qualifying under federal guidelines for free tuition may pay a maximum of $475 monthly.


Who should I contact regarding more information about the EBR Public Pre-K programs?

  •  Parents can contact their local school or Shenoa Webb at our Pre-K office at (225)226-3461 to obtain more information about the program.


How can I get help with child care tuition?






EBR Early Childhood Community Network

Contact Information

Shenoa Thompson Webb

Executive Director of Early Childhood

(225) 226-3461


Pam Spears

Project Manager, Early Childhood Community Network

(225) 226-3735


Tania Johnson

Teacher Coach, Early Childhood Community Network

(225) 226-3674


Patience Travasos

Resource Coordinator, Pre-K Programs

(225) 226-3447


“Reel” Talk About Pre-K